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SON1C Wax – Banana Peel Out – Limited Edition Car Wax

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150 ml (5.1 oz.) Carnauba Car Wax


Product Description

Banana FRS

Order today to secure your wax, very limited production!

SON1C Wax Banana Peel Out is the production version of SON1C Wax ProtoWax BPO (figure out what BPO stood for yet?) and it is a result of two years of research and design. SON1C Wax Banana Peel Out is a natural carnauba wax, designed for show car use. Inspired by Brian Mangan’s Scion FRS often referred to as banana low or the banana car coupled with Perry Fitzgerald’s incredibly unique artwork it was a perfect match for this custom car wax project. This banana car wax is a soft wax, similar to ¬†a ripe banana, excellent spreadability and easy removal. The hydrophobic qualities of this wax show the true power of natures finest top tier T1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax, not even mention the incredibly gloss and glow it provides!

40 SON1C Wax Banana Peel Out Car waxes will be sold (Only 20 available through The waxes are housed in the premium SON1C Wax black double-wall jars, sized at 150 ml applications per pot of wax are ~50 uses. Each pot is hand serialized on the bottom of the jar. With great gloss, intoxicating aroma, and super hydrophobic nature Рyou do not want to miss out on this rare banana car wax!

1 review for SON1C Wax – Banana Peel Out – Limited Edition Car Wax

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    BPO is one of my favorite waxes. It is very easy on easy off. Great shine. Very hydropopobic. After a rain the car looks like it was freshly waxed. I ordered a second tube because I know when this is done I will miss it.

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