Capped In America Car Wax
Capped In America Car Wax BeadingCapped In America Car Wax

Capped In America – SON1C Wax & Dodo Juice


Capped In America car wax – Dodo Juice Independent Wax Label manufactured by SON1C Wax

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Capped In America

Dodo Juice Independent Wax Label – Collaboration of SON1C Wax manufacturing and Dodo Juice distribution

Crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from throughout the world, Capped In America manufactured by SON1C Wax and distributed exclusively through Dodo Juice. Capped In America is a premium soft-paste carnauba car wax infused with the highest grade of T1 Brazilian raw carnauba wax coupled with other waxes, natural oils, and polymers. Capped In America is designed to enhance the shine, gloss, and depth on every paintwork. Capped In America is formulated for intense hydrophobic behavior, sheeting is paramount and this wax will bead excellent along the way. Capped In America works excellent in the shade, as well as the sun even on blazing hot panels. Capped In America makes metallic flake POP, or if there is no metallic fleck in the paint then rich depth is created. While Capped In America is a natural car wax brewed in Virginia, USA it still boasts an impressive durability of three months. Monster Detail reports that “the fragrance of this wax serenades the nostrils.”, however you be the judge!

Summary: This is an incredibly easy to use soft car wax adding incredible gloss to every paintwork, works excellent on wheels and glass as well. Super hydrophobic car wax with great durability of 3+ months and packaged in a sturdy plastic jar containing 100ml of Capped In America car wax. Enjoy the product of the project that took two years to complete! Order your Capped In America Car Wax by Dodo Juice and SON1C Wax today!


Capped In America began development on June 19th 2013, yes the day I began pouring waxes. My original goal was to become the next Dodo Juice IWL, however it was apparent it was a much longer process than I had anticipated. After gaining more confidence and momentum I broke my wax recipe into two different directions, one became SON1C Wax Carnaubavore and the other Capped In America. Capped In America was numerous ProtoWax numbers, along with the blue ProtoWax A series and hundreds of ProtoBead samples distributed throughout the world mainly the United Kingdom and the United States for intensive testing and review.

Capped In America Car Wax

  • Luxury soft-paste car wax
  • Hydrophobic car wax that will compete with synthetic paint sealants and paint glass coatings
  • Can be applied in or out of direct sunlight, even on black panels
  • Durability of 3 months
  • 100 ml of car wax
  • Easy on, easy off — excellent ease of application
  • Removal of this carnauba car wax is effortless
  • Hand-Crafted in Northern Virginia, USA
  • Incredible shine, provides optical clarity to the paintwork, and if metallic flake is present pop is enhanced
  • Invigorating berry aroma
  • Utilizes several natural waxes, natural oils, and polymers
  • Provides estimated 30+ full vehicle applications
  • SON1C not SONIC and SON1C Wax not SONIC Wax produced by SON1C of SON1C Wax not by SONIC of SONIC Wax


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